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  • Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) 

  • Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)

  • Master of Arts in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Spirituality, Saint Paul University, 2022

  • Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, University of Ottawa, 2009

Mary Ann Conlin

Who I Am

Hi there, I'm Mary Ann Conlin and I'm looking forward to connecting with you as your personal journey begins. Starting therapy can be a difficult step that takes guts, but when you decide that you want to walk this road and trust in the process, change will happen.

Together, we can co-create a personalized space for you to be able to process emotional pain and develop a heightened sense of hope and acceptance in your life. I bring compassion, empathy and humour in creating an open, accepting therapeutic environment. We will explore the many different possibilities of change, including the fears around making change, preparing to make change and the challenges around maintaining that change. To keep walking forward, day by day, toward something new. 

Everyone needs help at some point in their lives and I am very honoured to be trusted with my client’s struggles, with the goal of creating change and discovering potential and opportunity ahead. 

I have been providing counselling and psychotherapy services for two years and I am specialized in working with individuals and couples. I am experienced in many presenting issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma and life transitions, among others. I adapt an eclectic, integrative and spiritual approach with my clients, and tailor my treatment to the needs of each unique client.


"Grief is the willingness
to be claimed by a
story bigger than the
one you wish for".

Stephen Jenkinson,

Orphan Wisdom School

What I Can Offer You... 

Processing Parental &

Sibling Estrangement

  • Opening dialogue with a family member about healing your dysfunctional relationship

  • Discussing setting boundaries with family members and regulating emotions when around them

  • Contemplating ending a relationship with someone in your immediate family

  • Being on the receiving end of a family member cutting off a relationship

Family Dispute_edited_edited.jpg
Curtain Hug_edited.jpg

Trauma in Relationships

  • Heightened reactions to common relationship issues

  • Emotionally fuelled disagreements

  • Withdrawal or distant, unresponsive behaviour

  • Aversion to conflict and inability to talk through issues

  • Assumptions that the partner is against them when it is not the case

  • Lingering doubt about a partner’s love and faithfulness

  • Difficulty accepting love, despite repeated reassurance

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

  • Identity changes & challenges

  • Identity loss

  • Religious and spiritual transitions (leaving a community or converting to a community)

  • Religious/spiritual abuse and adverse experiences

  • Interfaith/interethnic/intercultural relationships

Rock Maze

May you listen to your longing to be free.

May the frames of your belonging be generous enough for your dreams.

May you arise each day with a voice of blessing whispering in your heart.

May you find a harmony between your soul and your life.

May the sanctuary of your soul never be haunted.

May you know the eternal longing that lives at the heart of time.

May there be kindness in your gaze when you look within.

May you never place walls between the light and yourself.

May you allow the wild beauty of the invisible world to gather you,

Mind you and embrace you in belonging.

                                                                                        ~ Belonging, John O'Donohue




Changes Counselling and Psychotherapy acknowledges that we live, work, and learn on the unceded, ancestral, and traditional territories of the Omàmiwinini (Algonquin) and the Anishnabek (Original People). The lifeblood of this land is the Kichi-Sìbì (Ottawa) River, which has kept this Nation fed and nourished for thousands of years. We are indebted for the countless gifts bestowed by this land, and for that we give great thanks. Miigwech (thank you). 

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