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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy, 90 min.

Please confirm insurance coverage with your provider prior to booking, or email for more information.


Many couples come to therapy because they're dealing with a specific challenge, such as communication issues, difficulties around sex, affairs, or considering a breakup.  Couples use talk therapy to get unstuck from painful patterns that are repeating. 

• Looking to strengthen a relationship (destructive relationship patterns, challenging family dynamics, being a support for your partner, equal parenting, deal with past trauma, to find a balance of sex drives)

• Looking to start a relationship (deciding on a life commitment, evaluating goals for the future, common values)

• Looking to re-start a relationship (revealing a secret, healing from a dissolution of trust, newfound priorities, a shift in values, challenges following or preparing for major lift events, a last hope to resolve relationship issues)

• Looking to end a relationship (ending a relationship gracefully, navigating resentments, starting a new, non-intimate relationship, establishing common life goals: parenting, finances, workplace needs)

Videoconferencing via the Jane app only. See below for tips to ensure your online therapy experience is as comfortable as possible. 

Cost per session: $225 (HST included)

Couples Therapy, 60 min. or 120 min. 

60 or 120 minute sessions are available upon request, or if the therapist deems it therapeutically beneficial.​​

Cost per 60 minute session : $150 (HST included)

Cost per 120 minute session : $300 (HST included)

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